Monday, April 03, 2006

playing with fabric

finally spent some time playing in the studio
and again feel myself
excitement bubbles in a pool of tranquility
i want to incorporate some of my faces series
into fabric
eventually dolls, that's where i'm moving
i don't know what this is
an experiment i guess
it seems like it would make a nice tote front
but don't think it's sturdy enough
as there are some paper pieces and a
small bird i glued to the surface
it seems too square for a wallhanging
and symetrical
but that's what came out
i still think it wants to be a bag
maybe a bag that doesn't get used
but hangs from the wall...yes, i like that idea
i tried a new-to-me technique
i printed an ink jet copy onto glossy photo paper
spritzing my fabric with water
the image with water
and burnished the image onto the fabric
(Leslie Riley wrote about it in the newest
issue of Cloth, Paper, Scissors)
i then used prismacolors to add some color accents
and sprayed it with fixitive
i tried to add more ephemera
danglie doo-dads but it kept feeling cluttered
it wanted to be simple and breathe

in case you can't read the words they say
"and come with the fragrance of the earth in your garments"
from The Prophet

as i'm writing this i just got an idea
a possible approach to this piece
that i can't wait to try out
back to the studio i go....

happy monday everyone :-)

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Deb said...


This is just precious...I can see a dolly peeking from beneath the fabric!