Tuesday, April 11, 2006

California Here I Come

This will be my last post for awhile; Walter, Marissa (my younger daughter) and I are flying down to San Diego at 7:00 AM on Thursday. We're excited for the chance to spend 5 days with my oldest daughter Heather and her family; especially for the celebration of Violet's one year birthday and Easter as well. They've been getting lots of rain down there but we're hoping for clear skies for Ethan's Easter egg hunt and T-Ball game. I'll be taking a boatload of pictures while there!

I shared my 'writing on the wall' post on my live journal as well as here and got a surprise comment from 'anonymous'. the subject line was "my mom" and the post said:
"mom, you're inspiring and a bit wacky, and that's why I love you so much"....it was from Heather who checks out my live journal periodically. I am very close with both my grown daughters and I feel grateful beyond words for them.

I have a magnet on my refrigerator, a quote from Mother Teresa; "We cannot do great things on this earth. We can only do small things with great love". I think about that a lot, and it gives me hope. This small Italalian ceramic jar is filled with the coffee beans my husband grinds. He likes Columbian and I like Italian roast, so we each grind and brew our own cups each morning. He likes everything handy, so he wants his coffee beans on the counter near the grinder, accessible. I started pouring his beans into this lovely little canister, the colors cheer me in the morning and through the day and i feel happier just looking at it. It is small though, and he only gets 3 pots of coffee from it before it needs filling. I made an agreement with him that he'd never have to fill the jar, I would keep it full, I just wanted the pleasure of looking at it on the counter. Most mornings i'll peek in jar and see if it needs filling but some mornings I'll notice the jar placed in the middle of the counter, a hint from my husband that the beans inside are in need of replenishing. I had no idea when I started being his "coffee bean fairy" how much pleasure it would bring him, a way I could express and he could experience my care and nurturing of him. Since I started doing it months ago, he's mentioned it several times, how nice it is that I keep the small containor filled for him, and the comment is usually followed by a kiss or hug. Who would have known that such a small act would mean so much to both of us?

I just got the mail and i found the most *delightful* surprise package, a large shiny metallic blue padded envelope from my lovely and talented friend Deb Trotter. Inside I found this wonderously beautiful collage, a Deb Trotter original, along with a collection of fabric pieces she felt I may enjoy using in fabric collage. What can I say, I'm just blow away by her huge heart and generous spirit, a duo I witness in her constantly. I will treasure this gift from my sweet friend as I treasure my friendship with her. My life is full of friendships, jewels, thank you...


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Beautifully said. Thank you for sharing your story. Have a safe trip.