Friday, April 07, 2006

morning art journaling; an exercise in speed and freedom

i've been feeling a bit overcommitted the past couple days
several emails have gone unanswered
i'm quite tardy with it.
business packages to invoice and assemble
so i can get them out in today's mail
2 art journals to finish and ship
other artwork deadlines,
and on and on it goes.
and i'm considering taking on another
large committment - vending at Art Unraveled
am i crazy? or just undiscipled....
i want to work on being focused
accomplishing small goals
and working on my larger ones

i started my day finishing the last art journal
it's my last leg of this year long RR committment
and i'll be happy to finally get my book back
in the coming days.

my goal with this journal was to work fast-
around 20 minutes per page.
that meant i couldn't overthink anything
i could work freely and let my hands
and heart see for me.
it was a wonderful experience
to play, experiment, and
not think so much
i feel good

the colors i was to predominantly work with
were yellow/gold and purple
with white and black

The words read: "so shut your eyes while mother sings of wonderful sights that be"

"And you shall see the beautiful things"

"saw it as they drew near - Tree of Forgetfulness"

"Pray will you teach us how
To build such nests as you do
Upon the swaying bough?

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Deb said...


Wonderful, wonderful work! Can you tell us more about his collaberative?
Oh, to spend only 20 minutes a page and have them turn out like this!