Monday, October 17, 2005

My First Assemblage in Awhile

Confession: I haven't been doing what's on my 'to do' list today. Instead I felt the urgent desire to finish up this assemblage I started on Saturday. I don't quite understand why I feel so compelled to do personal artwork when I have deadlines in other areas of my life. A thought I may ponder on my flight to Mexico on Friday.

I named this piece 'carnival' because Walter thought my altered doll looked a little scary...maybe so. The doll was inspired by the work of Patricia Anders who uses porcelin doll torsoes in her fantastic ornies. The rest of the assemblage is a combination of thrift store, discards, and found objects. This piece was lots of fun - whetted my appetite for more assemblage.

Saturday, October 15, 2005


Consistency in my journaling is not one of my greatest strengths but it's one I keep striving for. I just did a massive purge from this blog - I removed ALL the entries and photos and I'm starting from scratch. From now on, when I post photos, they won't be as big as they were in the past as that was a problem with my previous uploads.

I'm going to be adding links to my favorite blogs, picture trails, and websites as I have time, and I hope you'll check them out.

If you see a piece of my artwork you're interested in, it's possible that it is for sale so feel free to inquire.

Please remember and respect that all of my artwork shown here is original and undercopyright which means no copying or downloading any of my images without my written permission.

Thanks for stopping by and I hope you'll come back again!