Thursday, February 23, 2006


I spent the morning painting - another in my series. I'm feeling great satisfaction working on these pieces, they pull me into the great mystery. now on to physical reality like vacuuming, cleaning, and capturing and all the dust bunnies hopping about my floors...

Wednesday, February 22, 2006


Took some art time
the best part of the day for sure
here's my next in the series i'm doing on connections...

Monday, February 20, 2006

In My Bliss

I talked with a friend on the phone this morning; she read me a poem by Rumi. As she read, i got a clear image that I felt compelled to paint. I spent much of the afternoon trying to capture the essence of the image - here is my attempt and I'm not at all satisfied with it but it was a good first try...i have a feeling it may be a series in order for me to get it right. It's entitled "We are always connected to the Beloved"

Sunday, February 19, 2006


Yesterday I had an all day encaustics workshop with Susan Sweetwater at the Collective Visions Gallery. She is not only a talented artist but wonderful teacher as well. The first couple hours were spent on an overview, history and safety procedures then we cut loose and played all afternoon.

I feel like I'm newly in love - the process intrigued me and the results surprised and delighted me. I imagined I might feel like a fish out of water in a process where I couldn't use acrylic paint in my work but I didn't even miss them.

Here are the two play pieces I did in the afternoon - both are on plywood. The first is a combination of a watercolor/collage base, seeds, and encaustic; and the smaller one is collaged papers and horse hair fibers that were given to me by one of my dearest friends who lives in Chile. When I get my encaustic studio set up, I'll be do more work on each of them but I thought they were fun beginnings.

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

My website is up and running

i put in several hours on it, still several more go as i need transfer my artwork from my picture trail site, to compose my artist statement and bio, as well as put up links to some of my favorite artists/sites. if you'd like to trade, let me know. the site is:
I'm going to keep my picture trail but put my newest work will be on my website.

The weather is turning cold here in the puget sound region...we're getting some temps in the 20's and they predict teens...cold for around here.

Walter bought a handy new wagon and took the girls and i for a spin in it this afternoon....aren't they just the sweetest pooches in the world?!

I sent off my journal for the art erratica RR today as well as packaging up several orders of kimono fabrics. Tomorrow after I scan the last spread in Stacie's journal, i'll get it in the mail to Lelainia. I'm really enjoying working in this project - love the group of women, so talented, kind, and sharing - what better combination.

A good friend that owns a small company wants to print some of my artwork on cloth (she's got a fancy smacy high end epson with durabrite inks) - the market is the quilters/sewers; i'd get a commission on each image. i'm not sure how i feel about it, i don't know why. i think i need to just think on it for awhile...i can't think of a downside really - God knows i hate marketing - so maybe this would be a good venue....we'll see.

Found out a have work published in the May issue of Somerset as well as the July Gallery issue, it's the first i've submitted to this publication and i'm happy to have it in there even though i can honestly say it's not my favorite work - but then my favorite stuff wouldn't make it in to such a mainstream magazine i don't believe.
it's nice and i'm happy about it - especially to be able to use it as a reference for my next teaching gig. but in the scheme of things, it's not that big a deal...i just absolutely loVE to create - it is where i experience my strong connection to 'being', the great mystery, and that is truly enough.the rest is icing on the cake.

Thursday, February 09, 2006

after the haircut

i drove to tacoma to get my hair trimmed
i don't have enough hair to get a real 'cut'
as i age, it gets thinner and thinner
some of it heredity probably
and some it because of having hasimoto's disease
which is an autoimmune disease of the thyroid
i don't want to go bald
but...some of my friends look pretty darn stunning in
their short crops - you know who you are....
here's a picture of me after the cut

i'm in a silly mood
i'm going to head out to the studio to play

a few things i'd like to share before i go:

trader joes has a very tasty, decent bottle of wine for $5.00
it's called Bear's Lair - 2003, i only drink red
so i've tried the cab and the merlot,
both vErY tasty
i usually get a $15 bottle of wine on sale for $10, (that's what our budget supports
i like a glass every evening)
this Bear's Lair is just as good, mayber better than any in that price-range
i'm going to buy a couple cases for the wedding reception this summer

movies: watched the wedding planner
Walter liked it a lot - i thought it was so-so
it didn't keep my attention very well but was cute
that blond guy actor with the wonderful big nose...
i love him!!

we also watched 'my mother's castle' - a french film
wonderful, beautiful in so many ways

i'm starting the book "crooked little heart' by anne lamott
i liked 'traveling mercies' so i'm expecting i'll like it

i'm reading annie dillard
she's amazing

okay, that's it for now

The Ball is Rolling

I have signed up ArtSpan to be the web host for my website...i've graduated from picture trail at last. ArtSpan was recommended by an artist friend on Live Journal who has been very happy with them. I have registered my domain name as well, so soon, you'll also be able to find me at
Of course i realize this is just the first baby step, i have lots to learn and accomplish before i'm ready for my 'grand opening'.

I've just begun a year long collaborative project with a group of 12 women from the MMCA group - one of my first RR's, which makes it all the more challenging and exciting for me. This month I've been working in the talented Mz Stacie Rife's journal; my inner child insists on being spontaneous and playful here and i've decided to let her have at it. Here are some of the pages i've completed so far - i've got four more to go.
Have a lovely Thursday.

Sunday, February 05, 2006

The Red Guitar

The Lost Girl

In Search of Atlantis

I am having professional glicee art prints made of this piece too - it will be in a diptych format - it's at the printer now, so if you're interested shoo me an email.

Mary Full of Grace

I am selling matted giclee art prints of this piece, professionally printed on heavy textured paper. It measures approximately 8" x 10" inside the mat, the price is $50.

Balloons Fly Why Can't I

It's Time to Catch Up hard as I try to be organized and stay on top of my LJ, blog, and picture trail, I continue to fall short with the blog. I will keep trying - i'm thinking perhaps a once a week update will be more doable for me at this time. What i want to share here mainly is my artwork, maybe some about my process, and inspiration. Because i live out in the country in a remote area, i often go for days at a time not seeing anyone except my husband and pets, so my online connections are a way for me to feel connected and inspired by other artists.

I'm off to post some of my most recent artwork....