Thursday, June 01, 2006

two steps forward, one step back

I thought I had turned a corner as far as my health, but not quite. Last night I was running a high fever again, and more rash appeared. I still have a fever today and feel poorly. This medication has been out of my system for 3 days now and still my body is severly reactive. I guess I just need to rest in bed today. Hope you all are doing very well - remember to appreciate your health and thank your body for being the miracle it is.


Sofia Barao said...

Hope you will be feeling better tomorrow katie, just take a I'm going to bed, it's almost midnight...Get well soon :)

Deb said...

Wow, Katie! That medication threw you for a loop! I hope those awful side effects disappear soon. I hate to see you feeling badly. Sending love your way.


Sofia Barao said...

thank you Katie, I'm also thinking of CPS now :)

CreativeLiving said...

The winds will be bringing you my loving healing thoughts.