Saturday, June 24, 2006

Life's Simple Pleasures

Yes, the gang arrived yesterday and last night was just one big happy love-fest, all of us grateful to be together again. This is what Violet found interesting when my back was turned; ah, the simple joys of pulling tissues out of a box, one by one, and flinging them into soft piles wherever they may land. My plans for homemade soup changed to roast chicken and pasta salad as the weather here felt too warm to really enjoy soup. It was all quite delicious. Ethan asked me to tell him a story before lights out, so we composed one together, one about a little boy (names Ethan, of course) who road his bike and came upon a treasure-box filled with gold, diamonds and pearls; - he gave the pearls to his little sister Violet. He had a bike that could turn into a fast motorcycle on demand, and the little boy could fly even though he had no wings, without even flapping his arms. I feel very blessed to be invited to enter his world and share his adventures; more photos forthcoming.


Misty Mawn said...

What a cutie!!!

Even though you didn't make soup, you inspired me to. I made a huge batch of Summer Garden Soup this afternoon, with fresh herbs from my garden. ;-)

kathywas said...

OMG...those cheeks!!! What a cutie pie!!

CheryLOL said...

what a precious photo! I love the world of the child's mind - so much more fun than ours!