Sunday, December 17, 2006

Power outage here

the storm took out our power as well as 1.5 million other peoples. it's been three days now and we still don't have any power - it could be 3-4 days or longer till they get to us, so i wanted to let everybody know i didn't disappear. we have a wood stove going that keeps a couple rooms downstairs fairly warm, and a generator going to run our well pump so we have water, albeit cold, and can use the toilets as well as run our freezer. we are roughing it for sure, but, i've always got my pot of hot water on the woodstove and as long as i've got my hot tea, i'm happy. i'll be back online soon!


Pam Aries said...

OH my Goodness! I hope you are OKAY! Sounds like you are pioneering it! When Hurricane Hugo hit here in '89...we were out of water and eletricity, etc for weeks!!! Boy did we imrovise. I grew up in rural W Va. , so I knew all aout roughing it! Hot coffeee was the biggest treat! Hang in thereeeee!

Judy Wise said...

OMG how difficult it is to be without power. John and I need to get a generator; so far we have skated by without one but of course the well pump is the big question mark when the power fails.

I would give anything to feed you pumpkin soup and give you a hot shower. When I was without power once for many days that was what sunk me. Sending you both all my prayers for fortitude.