Wednesday, December 06, 2006

6 Weird Things About Me

okay.... i was tagged by Sally Turlington and Syd McCutcheon so I feel challenged to play.

1. i tried to think of something weird about me for 15 minutes (really!) and couldn't come up with anything...i think THAT is weird.

2. if i have to wear shoes, i wear my favorite shoes, the exact same shoe which i have in 3 different colors and i'm ordering another pair of them in black

3. i don't like to talk on the phone, it's a strain, but i love to hear my family/friends voices on the phone

4. i love people but i'm a recluse; i'll go for days at a time and not leave *the homestead*

5. i have the keen ability to totally ignore a messy house, piles and all, if i want to do something else instead of clean, which is most of the time

6. my favorite pants to wear in the studio are faded teal linen drawstring pants with holes and rips everywhere, the crotch is pratically missing. i keep another pair of pants nearby to change into fast if i hear someone driving up to the house

i tag anyone who wants to play!!


alex said...

you make me smile!

I share wierdnessness 3-5 with you. I put the "I" in Introvert, though you would never know it when my alter ego, Chatty Cathy comes to life! :-)

tararossstudios said...

so, what ARE your favorite shoes? :)

Pam Aries said...

Hee heee!!! Number 5 is me for sure! If you could see my home right now! (Oh ..thank goodness you can't! eeek! is scaring even moi!)

Sandi(sugarbushfarm) said...

HeeHee...#3, 4, and 5 could have been MINE!!!!!

Syd said...

Thanks for showing us your weird side. I love the shoes and I am totally with you on # 5 ....

tararossstudios said...

Found them! Why don't they make cool shoes for wide feet?

Norah's said...

I share more than one of your weirdnesses. The shoe thing and I have a pair of black pants that I wear nearly everyday. In my mind whoever sees me today, doesn't know that I wore them yesterday.
Had trouble with commenting yesterday, so I'm back tody and wanted to tell you I have lurked here before and now I'm glad you have found me and left such a nice comment. Love you art.

christine said...

Katie -- How fun to read this!!!! hahaha -- Those SHOES are too cool -- I bet they are heaven to wear!!! Look very comfy :)

I hate that telephone, too -- I can't believe how many of us don't like the phone!!!!

Don C. said...


funny you should mention TEAL PANTS, I used to wear a pair of cords that color when I lived in Seattle. Most obnoxious color ever to be worn with a thick wallet chain and combat boots! I made friends out of sheer revulsion for the way I expressed myself :P ("how can you wear that? Those colors were not invented in the same hemisphere!)