Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Another Blustery Day

The weather is cloudy and rainy; another rain and wind storm is on the way. Hopefully we'll get through this smaller one without losing power but just in case we do, I plan to make one of my favorite soups (i've been making it for over twenty years) that I can warm up on the wood stove if I have to. This soup is comfort food at its best; you know the kind of food that tastes and feels so good in your tummy that you just don't want to quit eating it? This is one of those soups, and it's easy-peasy to make. It's from The cookbook Diet For A Small Planet by Frances Moore Lappe.

Turkish Barley-Buttermilk Soup
Saute 2 large chopped onions in some olive oil
Add and stir till lightly toasted 1 cup barley
When onion is well browned add 5 cups of stock
Cook until barley is well done - about 45 minutes.
Remove from heat and let it cool a bit, than slowly add 2 cups of buttermilk or yogurt, add more stock if it's too thick. Sprinkle in about 1 tsp of dill (more of less according to taste) and stir in a bit of butter. Voila!- it's ready to eat, enjoy!


Pam Aries said...

I have that book! ...Yesterday's post of the collage CD was so awesome ..I love it! It is so inspiring for me to come visit you!

DJ said...

Yummmm thanks for the recipe Katie! It sounds so good. We are big soup eaters too, and like you, find it such a comfort in this blustery, cold weather. I'm adding barley to the grocery list!
Merry Christmas Katie! Hope the power stays on and you can enjoy your soup while watching a good movie. :-)

Colette said...

I have a version of that soup! Armenian Barley Yogurt soup: uses only yogurt (not buttermilk) and cilantro instead of dill. I need to get me some barley!!

zorana said...

What a lovely, simple soup. I tried it and loved it. Thank you!