Monday, May 08, 2006

i've been tagged

by sarah of rustic relics

i do....and i don't.....

i do enjoy a cup of freshly ground french roast coffee with milk in the morning
i do not like sugar in my coffee

i do like the way i look with a little make-up/mascara
i do not like to put it on so i rarely wear it

i do enjoy taking photographs
i don't particularly like the task of uploading and resizing them on my slow computer

i do enjoy wearing my favorite shoes which are extemely comfortable
i do not wear shoes with heels

i do have a healthy diet
i don't exercise as much as i'd like to

i do like a cup of green tea in the afternoon
i don't like it without milk and honey

i do like to walk the trail on our property along the river
i don't like it when the dogs find a dead salmon on our walk and roll in it

i do dearly love my dogs
i don't like to brush out tangles and mats in their fur

i do love a clean house
i don't like to spend the time to do it

i do love to spend at least a couple hours a day doing my art
i don't like to stop doing it once i get started

i do like to shop at thrift stores and small specialty stores
i don't like to shop at department stores and malls

i do like to be honest in my interactions
i don't like it when i'm afraid to be honest because i don't want to hurt someone's feelings

i do consider my spiritual life to be primary
i don't always remember to 'be here now' in the present moment

i do like creating art when i'm in the flow and don't know what the outcome will be
i don't like following directions or a pattern

i do like living out in the country where it's beautiful and quiet
i don't like it that i have no close friends near by

i do like experiencing intense relationships and heart to heart connections
i don't like small talk

i do like working out of my home
i don't like it when i feel isolated

hmmmm....that was fun to think about, thanks sarah! now i tag: deb misty maija annax

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Misty Mawn said...

thanks so much for tagging me...

how are you?
I love your list of do's & don'ts
a lot I feel like I wrote them!