Tuesday, May 09, 2006

cloud meditation

this morning it was impossible not to notice that i was having a difficult time concentrating on several of the very left brain tasks that needed accomplishing today. since it's a gorgeous day, i thought a brisk walk with the dogs might help get me get centered. i practiced touching the ground with my feet as i walked with awareness, smelling the fragrance of apple tree blossoms and pine, while listening to a variety of bird chips and songs ringing out in the distance in all directions. When i looked above me i saw big puffy white clouds cast in a deep blue sky sea. they immediately caught my attention and for a moment almost took my breath away with their beauty. i stood still and watched for a bit, until my neck pain called for my attention, but i didn't want to stop watching them - it felt like the most important thing i could do in my life at the moment, much more important than doing all the paperwork and business tasks that called for my attention all morning. So i brought a thick comforter outside and laid it on a patch of bright green spring grass, in the shadow of 'heather', the pine tree named after our oldest daughter. i was instantly filled with memories of lying on the grass looking up at the sky when i was a child - how could i have forgotten how absolutely divine and mysterious it is? i always know it is in my head but i must lie down on the grass and look up and watch and experience it in my heart to really *know*. at moments, there was pure silence, not a single sound, how incredible the emptiness sounded!! mostly there were occasional sounds...bird chirps, the wind rustling the leaves of the poplar trees (i love that sound), and once i heard the sound of flapping wings as a large black raven flew directly over me. gratitude flows out of my pores right now for this beautiful experience called life.


Misty Mawn said...

sounds like the perfect way to spend the day!!! Our sky is cloudless today...and has been for days, but at night they seem to wander in and walk with the stars...I think tonight I might just get my comforter and watch them...thank you for making me STOP and appreciate what is important! xoxo

tararossstudios said...

So beautifully written, I wish I had writing skills like you.

Thank you.