Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Aventures in Babyland

Heather and Violet flew back to San Diego last night so my schedule is feeling normal again, which includes my morning dose of computer time. We had a wonderful visit, as always; the experience is hectic and invigorating at the same time - quite the contrast to my quiet and reclusive lifestyle. And the house is NOT babyproof at all, so a crawler can find quite the treasures in all the cubbies and shelves near ground level. And then there is the staircase. Violet always had her eye peeled for the open family room door for her chance to race-crawl to the stairs when we had our backs turned. She certainly kept me on my toes! Heather flew in to give her little sister Marissa a bridal shower and it was a huges success
Marissa felt like a beautiful soon-to-be bride, pampered and special, surrounded by family, friends, and a table full of delicous foods with the room decorated in her wedding colors.
She got some beautiful gifts - lots of pretty nighties (I didn't realize people still gave those at showers, I'm so out of the loop) and lots of other goodies. I bought her a couple feather pillows as I know she loves them. Heather was a wonderful hostess she's such a socialite, I admire her and continue to be amazed by all the dormant qualites that keep awakening in her.
Violet somehow found a quarter on the floor and gave us all quite a scare as she popped it in her mouth and wouldn't open up so we could get it - I got a finger and pulled it out but it gave us all a fright - she is so quick, I'd forgotten how fast little ones out on an exploration can be. Here at the house she discovered the cabinet with the doggie things.
She pulled out the bag of rawhide bones and crawled off with them as fast as she could with Daisy (our cocker spaniel) in hot pursuit! Then she headed for the low cabinet that holds all the VHS tapes and DVD's and pulled out a stack of those.
I pretty much let her do whatever she wanted as long as it wasn't dangerous for her or something she could destroy. She had all my kitchen towels on the floor as well as all my plastic ware, it brought back such sweet memories for me of when Heather and Marissa were babies...the time has gone by so quicly.
After all that activity, Violet was ready for a bottle and cuddle from grandma. Life doesn't get sweeter than this. I am looking forward to artmaking again, it's been days, and need to get cracking on my article about my dolls for the October issue of Cloth Paper Scissors.


Misty Mawn said...

Looks like Violet was one busy little gal... she's adorable. The picture of you with her is just precious! I am so happy you got to spend time with her! I bet daisy misses her too! xoxox

no sudafed today... ;-) thank you for your wishes...I think they helped! xoxoxo

Maija said...

Katie, your girls are so beautiful and Violet is just delicious! Thanks for sharing a read from the book. Sounds like it would be a great, and needed, addition to my library!

navylane studio said...

you have such a beautiful family!

Deb said...

Katie! What a beautiful family! Your daughters are gorgeous - Lordy, what knock outs! And that little Violet! OMG! Is she too cute, or what? I remember the pots & pans - and how "fast" things could happen. Lucky you got the quarter out of her mouth! It does my heart good to see you reveling in your wonderful family. No wonder they are all so precious with YOU as their mom!