Saturday, October 21, 2006

Life is Sweet

Heather, Jeff and the kids are now in their new house, Heather is feeling much better, thankfully. I'm hoping the pregnancy improves hereon out. The kids spent an overnight with us last night and while Ethan watched cartoons, and Violet cuddled with me in those thick and soft footy pjs, you know the ones. what a delightl way to start the day.

Thanks to the advise of the kind and talented Lesley Riley, I have switched to the Beta version of Blogger and I hope to look forward to an easier time uploading photos; it's been so unpredictable up to this point. Although I didn't get to take a class with her this round, I was fortunate to have a 1/2 hour consult with her about the direction of my art, and where I want to go and what I want to do. It was very helpful, it helped me clarify which notions in my head were the truth, and which ones were simply fearful thoughts, parading as the truth. I look to Lesley as one of my art mentors and can't wait to take one of her classes again in the future - she is a wonderful teacher!

Back to art and soul....

I had been looking forward to seeing my very dear friend Misty again, and it was just wonderful that we had lots of time to share together with other friends, many whom I had met for the first time. Here we are in the Fabric Depot, playing with the veils in the wedding section and ooohing and ahhhhing over all the treasures in the store that we wish we could afford.

One of the most valuable aspects of these art retreats is connecting up with other artists and kindred spirits. I most often come to these things with a tank that is on empty, and it's a miracle how the sharing, listening, and laughter fills my creative tank to overflowing. I feel blessed to be part of this creative community that embraces me, foibles and all!! My hope while I'm there is to help be a part of filling other's creative reservoirs, to remind people how wonderful they are, and creative. I had some wonderful classes, two with the deep and soulful Nina Bagley, my first class was the Blackbird tea cozy and that class just *ROCKED*!!! I loved it! Nina just embues creativity and connection and the room feels saturated with that energy.
One of my absolute favorite things about the class was I met the most wonderful friend who sat next to me (actually Misty had met her at Artfest and had briefly introduced us on Thursday. Jennifer Frank is an absolute sweetheart - I honestly think she is part angel, her energy is so sweet and pure. We had a wonderful time chatting the whole day while we worked - her tea cozy was absolutely beautiful - I wish I'd taken a picture of it. I'll upload a photo of the one I made soon.
I've just begun to write about my adventures of the last few weeks, more to come soon.

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Maija said...

Oh Katie....I just spent the last half hour pouring over your posts! It is so wonderful to "see" you and "listen" to your Art & Soul adventure! I wish I was there with you girls! The photo of you and Violet is darling...I'm glad Heather is ok. You are such a darling person, I will lool forward to the day we meet. Are you attending ArtFest 2007?