Sunday, October 22, 2006

just a bit more art and soul

I can't possibly cover all I want to say about the event and the people I met at Art and Soul. Glenny and Cindy and all their helpers did an amazing job making it such a successful venue. I am going to go back next year for sure! On Saturday, six of us - Misty, Nina, Lesley, Jennifer, Doris and myself - piled into my venerable 1990 Park Avenue Buick to go to Fabric Depot, a huge fabric store full of treasures and having a 40% off sale to boot. We had only been there less than 10 minutes when I got this shot: Nina had found a beautiful fabric she was having cut, I think it was love at first sight for her. And do you see how full Lesley's cart is already??? Now that woman has an eye for fabric and she knew just where to go to find the treasures.

I spoted a beautiful meshy fabric kind of hidden by the cutting table and knew I had to have some. Well so did Misty and Jennifer when they saw it. If my memory serves me, it was priced at $98 per yard!! But with the 40% off, and only buying a quarter of a yard, it only cost about $20, and all three of us had cool scarves like the one Misty is wearing in the photo.A few more photos to share...this one is of Doris Arndt and Misty on our Fabric Depot shopping extravaganza. I had never met Doris before and I felt an immediate connection with her, she embodies sensitivity, compassion and humor all at the same time, I just love her and look forward to taking one of her classes sometime.
One of the evenings I ate out in Portland was at a delicious Thai restaurant in the Alberta area of Portland. What an interesting area, I would love to go back with my camera and have a photo day; so many interesting galleries, painted murals on outside walls, and refurbished funky stores that housed the most interesting boutiques and shops.
I had the pleasure of meeting the extremely kind and talented Kellyrae Roberts who drove Nina, Misty, and I from the hotel to the restaurant. There we met three of Kellyrae's friends; Laini, Alexandra, and Laini's husband Jim. The food was wonderful as was the company; they were all so friendly and interesting and the conversation was lively. I left feeling like I want to move to Portland!
The last three nights at the hotel I shared a room with my dear friend Stephanie Lee and we spent a couple nights talking (and giggling ) into the wee hours of the morning. She taught a soul stories and plaster class at Art and Soul this year, I so wish I had been able to take one - next time!! Stephanie is one of the most genuine, kind and honest people I know and I'm honored to have her as my friend. I talked with several people who took her class and heard nothing but rave reviews so if you get an opportunity to take one of her classes, I'd certainly recommend it.


kelly rae said...

oh katie, i just read through all your posts about art and soul and i couldn't agree with you more - such a wonderful, emotional, insightful adventure it was! i love your tea cozy - amazing! it was a pleasure meeting you, too. i'm sending you a separate email, by the way.

melanie said...

Katie... it is wonderful reading your thoughts and seeing your photos from Art and Soul. I just love seeing all those smiling faces!

kathywas said...

Wow, Katie...I enjoyed viewing all of your photos and reading about all of your classes at Art & Soul. It looks like you took some great ones! I only wish that we could have had more time to sit and get to know one another. Vendor night was just not the time to be able to visit.

I'd still like to "adopt" one of your babies, so let me know what you still have available.