Friday, October 20, 2006

i was carried off by a whirlwind

These past two weeks or so it seems. So much experience, to live, process, and then try and share with you. I can only give you small bits at a time, as that is all my mouth can hold.

...I ask for a human language
to make its flying sound
across the air between us,
coming from me and then
separately from you,
and then to see the shape
of our words forming above our heads
like blessing held in their own bodies...
---Georgia Robertson
This is a photograph I took of statuary in Minneapolis last week, the most beautiful cemetary I have ever seen. The weather that afternoon was cold and blustery, the windchill must have been in the low twenties and I had brought only a thin coat. But I braved the weather and spent two glorious hours taking
photos of this amazing place. This one was particularly haunting, what could it mean?
As I typically do when leafing through a magazine, I've starting from the backintending to work my way forward. I guess that's okay, but I'd rather go back to the beginning....Art and Soul. Where do I begin... I arrived Wednesday October 4th, a day after my birthday, and checked into my hotel room with a very bad cold. I tried hard not to breathe or cough on anyone but I admit I wasn't magnanimous enough to stay home because of it, I had to go. Thursday I took Juliana Coles class - it was wonderful. I don't really have anything to show for it but some scrawlings on pages but maybe I'll scan them anyway and post them tomorrow. I like the scrawling - I like that she pushed us out of our comfort zone and pestered us to try more things, to stretch further every time. I ended up having to rest in my room for most of the afternoon so I didn't get to do all the exercises but I wouldn't hesitate to take a class from her again in the future.
It was wonderful to meet up with so many of my very dear friends and have the opportunity to meet so many more lovely people that grew dear to my heart almost instantly.
**Blogger isn't allowing me to upload any more photographs so I'll try again tomorrow, I only took about a billion!!**


Anonymous said...

Katie - I had the same problems with uploading photos in Blogger. I just switched to their new Beta thing and the photos went up with no problems - faster than before. You may want to switch too!

Love the statuary photo. I have a collection of those too.

Misty said...

Such a beautiful statue, with the almost bare trees and blue skies...lovely!!!
I had a wonderful cup of peach tea this morning...thinking of you! xoxo

I read magazines from the back to the front, too.

tararossstudios said...

Glad to see you back again and posting.

It was so nice to read about all the wonderful classes.

Love your work you made in the classes.