Tuesday, October 24, 2006

down by the river where the green grass grows

i bet many of you remember the rest of that one, this is all i can remember:
down by the river where the green grass grows
there sat XXXXX? pretty as a rose
along came XXX? and kissed her on the cheek

it came back to me this morning when looking at some photos i took day before yesterday, while i was down by the river. as i sit here nibbling my peanut butter and honey on toast, i read this poem by jane kenyon that took me deeper into that place i know so well.

Evening Sun

Why does this light force me back
to my childhood? I
wore a yellow summer dress,
and the skirt made a perfect circle
Turning and turning

until it flared to the limit
was irresistible. . .The grass and trees,
my outstretched arms, and the skirt
whirled in the ochre light
of an early June evening.

and I knew then
that I would have to live, and go on
living: what a sorrow it was; and still
what sorrow burns
but does not destroy my heart.

I love her poetry and also that of her husband, Donald Hall. I just bought his newest book, White Apples and the Taste of Stone. i just can't express how deeply his words affect me, they are like little threads of light that burrow deep down into my bones like magic.

It's a cold, crisp morning, still in the low forties, but the sun is bright and shining - what a gorgeous fall day. The meandering river, the rain, and all the forces of nature have created a new and beautiful little pool in the meadow where there was only field grass and it's creatures. Now there are cattails, and river grasses, dragonflies dive and hover there, and we even see tiny fish swimming in the dark clear water. Walter has set up a chair at the water's edge.he likes to sit there and read in the quiet. After a moment or two of sitting, i find myself wandering along the river's edge, mesmerized by all the beautiful stones, relishing in the fact that i am so delighted by something so simple as stones, and realizing what a blessing that delight is. I chose my favorites for the day, and picked a handful of dried thin wild sweet pea pods, the color of eggplant. I also found a neat little pile of pulverized deep brown jagged rock in the midst of large smooth stones, tiny little pieces i collected to use as texture in a future painting. i wonder what happened to that stone, what crushed it? there was no evidence of anything else being disturbed...curious.
today i plan on spending time painting and making art. there is a small art show in Belfair, our tiny community, on saturday, and i will have a table there. mostly i look forward to meeting some of the other artists and folks in the community. until next time......


art spirit said...

Love your Blog and wonderful art, especially your dolls! Hope you know that you are mentioned on the "art from housewives" site...
best wishes,
mary stanley (an artfest and artFiberfest-er)

Misty said...

what a lovely morning! And what a lovely collection. I have a rock exactly like the one in your photo. The largest rock, the one closest to the wild pea pods...I should send it to you...I think I will...from here it looks like a twin. ;-)
I know just how you feel! xxoxoxo

Tracie Lyn Huskamp said...

OH MY your post just beautiful.. the poetry. Your beautiful photos... it sounds like the perfect day to dive deep into your art. Good Luck with your artshow in Belfair.. I love your work... and I am SURE you won't have much left on your table by the end of the day.


belinda said...

beautiful pictures embellished with lovely musing and poetry right along.

Colette said...

It's idyllic, Katie. I love your collection of stones and pods. I think it's places like this that keep us sane :)

Good luck at your show. I'll be thinking of you. (I have a table at a show here next month.)

Laini said...

Hi Katie! I've loved looking over all your Art & Soul pictures and reading about your trip -- it makes me wish I had taken classes too, instead of just going to vendor night! I'm all the more excited about Artfest now. Your little pool in the meadow sounds divine. I love dragonflies and rarely see them here. That photo of the stones and things is great!

julie said...

i remember that song from childhood in liverpool...i believe it is of irish origin..but cannot remember all the words.would love to sing it to my daughter....i remember...down at the river side washing her clothes, there sits.xxx..washing her clothes ..
and she sang and she sang and she sang so sweet..
along came..xxxxx..and kissed her on the cheek.
xxxx...xxxx...will you marry me...

Anonymous said...

Down by the river where the green grass grows
there sits Mary washing her clothes.
She sing, she sings, she sings so sweet,
she calls to her baby across the street

Patrick, Patrick, won't you come to tea?
Come next Sunday at half past three.
Tea cakes, Lardy cakes, everything you'll see,
oh won't we have a jolly time at half past three