Tuesday, February 14, 2006

My website is up and running

i put in several hours on it, still several more go as i need transfer my artwork from my picture trail site, to compose my artist statement and bio, as well as put up links to some of my favorite artists/sites. if you'd like to trade, let me know. the site is: www.katiekendrick.com
I'm going to keep my picture trail but put my newest work will be on my website.

The weather is turning cold here in the puget sound region...we're getting some temps in the 20's and they predict teens...cold for around here.

Walter bought a handy new wagon and took the girls and i for a spin in it this afternoon....aren't they just the sweetest pooches in the world?!

I sent off my journal for the art erratica RR today as well as packaging up several orders of kimono fabrics. Tomorrow after I scan the last spread in Stacie's journal, i'll get it in the mail to Lelainia. I'm really enjoying working in this project - love the group of women, so talented, kind, and sharing - what better combination.

A good friend that owns a small company wants to print some of my artwork on cloth (she's got a fancy smacy high end epson with durabrite inks) - the market is the quilters/sewers; i'd get a commission on each image. i'm not sure how i feel about it, i don't know why. i think i need to just think on it for awhile...i can't think of a downside really - God knows i hate marketing - so maybe this would be a good venue....we'll see.

Found out a have work published in the May issue of Somerset as well as the July Gallery issue, it's the first i've submitted to this publication and i'm happy to have it in there even though i can honestly say it's not my favorite work - but then my favorite stuff wouldn't make it in to such a mainstream magazine i don't believe.
it's nice and i'm happy about it - especially to be able to use it as a reference for my next teaching gig. but in the scheme of things, it's not that big a deal...i just absolutely loVE to create - it is where i experience my strong connection to 'being', the great mystery, and that is truly enough.the rest is icing on the cake.


primdollie said...

Oh how fun you are obviously having a grand time with the girls!!!! and will go check out the new website!! will post it to my blog and will you still keep the blog??? well you sound as if you are getting some yucky weather too we are to get it by this weekend again!!! BBBBBRRRRRRRRR stay warm!!!!
hugs Linda

Christine said...

Heee!!! Looks like fun -- you are so cute in that wagon!!!!! ;)