Thursday, February 09, 2006

after the haircut

i drove to tacoma to get my hair trimmed
i don't have enough hair to get a real 'cut'
as i age, it gets thinner and thinner
some of it heredity probably
and some it because of having hasimoto's disease
which is an autoimmune disease of the thyroid
i don't want to go bald
but...some of my friends look pretty darn stunning in
their short crops - you know who you are....
here's a picture of me after the cut

i'm in a silly mood
i'm going to head out to the studio to play

a few things i'd like to share before i go:

trader joes has a very tasty, decent bottle of wine for $5.00
it's called Bear's Lair - 2003, i only drink red
so i've tried the cab and the merlot,
both vErY tasty
i usually get a $15 bottle of wine on sale for $10, (that's what our budget supports
i like a glass every evening)
this Bear's Lair is just as good, mayber better than any in that price-range
i'm going to buy a couple cases for the wedding reception this summer

movies: watched the wedding planner
Walter liked it a lot - i thought it was so-so
it didn't keep my attention very well but was cute
that blond guy actor with the wonderful big nose...
i love him!!

we also watched 'my mother's castle' - a french film
wonderful, beautiful in so many ways

i'm starting the book "crooked little heart' by anne lamott
i liked 'traveling mercies' so i'm expecting i'll like it

i'm reading annie dillard
she's amazing

okay, that's it for now


Misty Mawn said...

you look adorable!

Gabriella Travaline said...

You look great!!!!