Thursday, February 09, 2006

The Ball is Rolling

I have signed up ArtSpan to be the web host for my website...i've graduated from picture trail at last. ArtSpan was recommended by an artist friend on Live Journal who has been very happy with them. I have registered my domain name as well, so soon, you'll also be able to find me at
Of course i realize this is just the first baby step, i have lots to learn and accomplish before i'm ready for my 'grand opening'.

I've just begun a year long collaborative project with a group of 12 women from the MMCA group - one of my first RR's, which makes it all the more challenging and exciting for me. This month I've been working in the talented Mz Stacie Rife's journal; my inner child insists on being spontaneous and playful here and i've decided to let her have at it. Here are some of the pages i've completed so far - i've got four more to go.
Have a lovely Thursday.

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Brandi said...

Ohhh, this looks fun! Stacie was talking about this one! She was pretty excited too! Great pieces so far! Brandi