Sunday, February 19, 2006


Yesterday I had an all day encaustics workshop with Susan Sweetwater at the Collective Visions Gallery. She is not only a talented artist but wonderful teacher as well. The first couple hours were spent on an overview, history and safety procedures then we cut loose and played all afternoon.

I feel like I'm newly in love - the process intrigued me and the results surprised and delighted me. I imagined I might feel like a fish out of water in a process where I couldn't use acrylic paint in my work but I didn't even miss them.

Here are the two play pieces I did in the afternoon - both are on plywood. The first is a combination of a watercolor/collage base, seeds, and encaustic; and the smaller one is collaged papers and horse hair fibers that were given to me by one of my dearest friends who lives in Chile. When I get my encaustic studio set up, I'll be do more work on each of them but I thought they were fun beginnings.


primdollie said...

Wow Katie these pieces are awesome!!! I love the textures and all that can be achieved!!! is there a lot involved?? Would love to learn this!!! very fun!!!!
Hugs Linda

Kathleen Marie said...

I like this technique. I have two artist trading cards that were made with encaustic wax by some artist friends. I really like how yours came out. :)

tararossstudios said...

Beautiful, so rich and full of color.