Friday, November 11, 2005

Back from Mexico

I got back a week ago but picked up a bug so haven't had the energy to blog until now. I'm feeling good again and oh so thankful for health, art, family, friends, and my life.

The workshop in Pozos with Michael DeMeng was fantastic - he is a great teacher!! He mentioned the possiblity of teaching a workshop in Oxaca in 2007 - now that would be an adventure I wouldn't want to pass up! All the students in the class were friendly as well as very talented - i couldn't have asked for a better bunch fellow artistas.

I took almost 500 photos; mostly in Pozos and San Miguel but also a few small side trips. The hotel I stayed at in Pozos (Posada de las Minas) was fantastic.

This is one of the pieces I completed in the workshop.

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