Friday, November 11, 2005

Priming the Art Pump

I hadn't done any art for a week and I was starting to go a bit crazy because of it. It's sometimes hard for me to break out of the pattern of not doing art thought and I find a disciplined approach is the only thing that works for me. I set myself down last night to do 20 minutes of art play - I assured myself that if after 20 minutes I wasn't having any fun, I could quit. Well, as it always happens the more I played, the more fun I began to have and before you know it I completed two artist trading cards.

This one is called 'Looking Back' and is a combination of multiple layering and painting with golden acrylics and gesso, a vintage photo transfer onto sandwich paper (ala DJ Petitt) with an ArtChix collage image of the little gypsy girl.

1 comment:

Caheli said...

I adore these ATCs! You wanna trade ATCs sometime, Katie? :) see you on MMCA!
ciao bella!