Wednesday, November 23, 2005

They've Come Back

i just took a walk under the clear blue sky
bright sun
poplar leaves crunching underfoot on the path as i walk and dogs run
we planted the trees 20 years ago
the girls were wee ones
we planted young whips
that line our road, face our house
four total
two poplars, the fullest figure one named katie
the lean one, walter
a beautiful full pine in its prime, heather
an elegant whispful fir, darling marissa

i've watched them grow each year
as i've watched us all grow
older, wiser
the life span of the pine and fir
will outlive the poplars
the poplars are showing their age
and they whisper their melodic
secrets to me
in the wind

as i walk under the blue sky
crunching leaves
i hear the familiar call
of my friend
the traveler
the one who sends chills
up and over my skin
when he speaks, calls to me

i look up
circling high in the clear blue
my friend is back
a lone eagle circling
in the sky
again and again
calling as he soars
i'm here
for salmon

i feel blessed
i feel thankful for my life

Happy Thanksgiving to all my online friends - i feel thankful for you ALL!


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Christine said...

Happiest of Thanksgivings to you, too!!