Tuesday, March 07, 2006

the visit

my life has been totally consumed by family the past several days
heather and violet flew back home to san diego yesterday
we had a wonderful laid back visit while they were here
violet learned a new word: dog
she was fascinated by them and daisy and sophie were both on their best behavior
after i got home from driving them to the Seattle airport last night
i felt like i could sleep for a week
it was a satisfied exhastion
i haven't been keeping up with my blogs or anything online so i have some catching up to do
please forgive me if i missed something big and haven't commented
hope you're all doing well :-)

here are a few pictures from our visit.....

1 comment:

primdollie said...

Oh what a beautiful family!!! the little one is just darling!!! I am so glad you had a fun time! and looking forward to new art pics!!!!! I too am catching up on stuff!! slow as usual!!!