Wednesday, November 23, 2005

They've Come Back

i just took a walk under the clear blue sky
bright sun
poplar leaves crunching underfoot on the path as i walk and dogs run
we planted the trees 20 years ago
the girls were wee ones
we planted young whips
that line our road, face our house
four total
two poplars, the fullest figure one named katie
the lean one, walter
a beautiful full pine in its prime, heather
an elegant whispful fir, darling marissa

i've watched them grow each year
as i've watched us all grow
older, wiser
the life span of the pine and fir
will outlive the poplars
the poplars are showing their age
and they whisper their melodic
secrets to me
in the wind

as i walk under the blue sky
crunching leaves
i hear the familiar call
of my friend
the traveler
the one who sends chills
up and over my skin
when he speaks, calls to me

i look up
circling high in the clear blue
my friend is back
a lone eagle circling
in the sky
again and again
calling as he soars
i'm here
for salmon

i feel blessed
i feel thankful for my life

Happy Thanksgiving to all my online friends - i feel thankful for you ALL!


Wednesday, November 16, 2005

The Visitor

I'm spending the next several days making artwork to take to the Christmas show Megan Noel has organized in Seattle, as well as sending off 8 pieces to a gallery gift shop so they'll be there for Christmas. I'm having so much fun altering my own's so satisfying. I LOVE my new camera, it's a Canon PowerShot S2.

Breathe in the Fragrance

another 4" x 4" altered mixed media photo on canvas board - the photo was a combination of two pictures I took in Mexico.

You are my Hiding-place

is a 4" x 4" mixed media canvas board - an altered photo of a picture I took while in Mexico.

Saturday, November 12, 2005

This is the other atc I made entitled 'The Adventure'; the essence of it describes my recent adventure in Mexico.

Friday, November 11, 2005

Priming the Art Pump

I hadn't done any art for a week and I was starting to go a bit crazy because of it. It's sometimes hard for me to break out of the pattern of not doing art thought and I find a disciplined approach is the only thing that works for me. I set myself down last night to do 20 minutes of art play - I assured myself that if after 20 minutes I wasn't having any fun, I could quit. Well, as it always happens the more I played, the more fun I began to have and before you know it I completed two artist trading cards.

This one is called 'Looking Back' and is a combination of multiple layering and painting with golden acrylics and gesso, a vintage photo transfer onto sandwich paper (ala DJ Petitt) with an ArtChix collage image of the little gypsy girl.

Another Assemblage

This is the other assemblage I did while in Mexico; these items i found along the Pozos countryside: the baby shoe, the spoon, the tinfoil/flower, and the plant material, the rest of the elements I brought with me from home.

Back from Mexico

I got back a week ago but picked up a bug so haven't had the energy to blog until now. I'm feeling good again and oh so thankful for health, art, family, friends, and my life.

The workshop in Pozos with Michael DeMeng was fantastic - he is a great teacher!! He mentioned the possiblity of teaching a workshop in Oxaca in 2007 - now that would be an adventure I wouldn't want to pass up! All the students in the class were friendly as well as very talented - i couldn't have asked for a better bunch fellow artistas.

I took almost 500 photos; mostly in Pozos and San Miguel but also a few small side trips. The hotel I stayed at in Pozos (Posada de las Minas) was fantastic.

This is one of the pieces I completed in the workshop.