Thursday, August 17, 2006

thinking towards the harvest

As i was taking an evening walk along our trail last evening, i noted how the smells were changing, that i was smelling hints of the upcoming autumn in the swaying partially dry fieldgrass. that the crickets song sounded different now, like there was a thin echo that followed every note. the orchard looked so lush and inviting, i wanted to share some photos with you.

here is the apple tree that i talked about in an earlier post - the yellow transparents, their color is one of my favorite hues, like a transparent naples yellow. i'm the only one who will eat them though, as the rest of my family are quite particular about their apple attributes, and this one is not crisp. Here is a photo of one of our filbert trees, it's loaded this year and has the most delicious nuts. the blue jays manage to descend in a mob on the exact day they are almost ripe and clean the tree out in a day. i think we will net at least one tree this year to get some nuts for ourselves :-) i took a couple shots of the beautiful crabapple tree but both turned out blurry so I'll share that with you another time. Here is a shot of our bosc pear tree and one of our anjou pear tree; our big big apple tree, a late summer variety, is in the distance. the bartlett doesn't have a good set due to deer damage when it was a youngster so we won't get much there. I don't have a vegetable garden this year and really miss it. Next year a little one for sure


Corinne said...

so beautiful! You give me peace. :)

Sofia Barao said...

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