Wednesday, July 19, 2006

As Time Passes

Marissa has made her way to the Twin Cities and is really enjoying it there. She's exploring the possibly of attending the College of St. Catherine to finish her degree if she stays on and after she establishes residency. She's already got her eye on a little studio apartment walking distance from the college and her cousins' house. I can hear the hints of sadness and homesickness in her voice, and everything here feels so different, so sad, knowing she no longer lives and works nearby. Still, I feel so much gratitude for this amazing opportunity that wrapped it's arms around her right after the devastating wedding fiasco, and the love and direction she's receiving from extended family.

I found myself working out lots of my feelings in the July journal pages I did for Kathy Wasilewski's calender journal, a round robin I'm in with 11 other MMCA members. This first page is a collage I did in 2004 when I took a workshop on Whidbey Island with Claudine Hellmuth -it seems an appropriate opening to head up the following pages.


CreativeLiving said...

Katie, these are breath taking!
I am loving each one!! I am happy for your daughter, we are all on a journey......she will find her way!

Jonna Barnett said...

Great artwork. And I applaude your daughter's strength and courage in the decision that she made. Which I am sure is for the best. Best of luck to you and your family.

Susan Tuttle said...

These pieces are just magical! Thank you for sharing them.